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To give you you the best possible service we do all sales consults via an online ZOOM call/appointment. This assures all clients get the time they need to get all of their questions answered.

Organic & Paid Advertising

Organic Marketing: This is where we post to your social media channel(s) with relevant and timely content on a regular basis. When people see your posts over time they could “like” them and then anyone they are friends with or connected to would see them as well. The hope with organic marketing is that over time you gather a following and go “viral”.

Paid Advertising: This is when we work with you on a budget with your social channel spends and then create campaigns and ads based on your targetted audience and client base. These types of campaigns take management, tweaking, and an ability to make moves to garner more clicks and traffic.

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Social Solo



Rating = Entry Level.
Social media plan to keep your social profiles updated.

14 Posts in Total

01 Social Media Profile

Best Deal



Rating = Entry Level.
Great for businesses looking to post engaging content by updating their profiles regularly.

20 Posts in Total

up to 02 Social Media Profiles




Rating = Moderate Level.
Great for businesses looking to share a higher number of engaging business posts to their audience.

36 Posts in Total

up to 03 Social Media Profiles




Rating = Advanced Level.
Great for businesses looking to increase engagement and brand value by sharing relevant business information and interesting content.

48 Posts in Total

up to 04 Social Media Profiles


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